27 Pieces of Advice I’d Share with my Younger Self

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Talk about a long list.

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I’m 27 and it’s a rather awkward age to be at. It’s not an even number, neither is it a nice round figure. Past the quarter-life crisis age but still living it. It’s also a reminder of the age that many famous people died (27 Club). Too old to fit in with Gen Z, too young to gel with boomers – it just feels more apparent at this age. I say I’m in my twenties but I’m technically closer to my thirties. It’s just an odd age, really.

Now just for the fun of it, to celebrate this odd age I’m at, let’s just say I can go back in time and share with my younger self 27 pieces of advice. Okay before I begin, just 2 ground rules. No sharing of winning 4D/Toto numbers (basically money stuff) and no way of preventing deaths. Alright, 27 pearls of wisdom, let’s go!

1. When it’s hard to love yourself, choose to be kind to yourself instead

2. Feeling lost is normal, embrace it and learn more about yourself

3. Find things you love to do and keep doing them

4. Normalize hugs and saying ‘I love you’ to family and friends

5. Learn your favorite family recipes before it’s too late

6. Smile more, worry less

7. Nothing is worth more than your mental and emotional well-being

8. It’s completely okay to ask for help

9. Don’t compare yourself with others, focus that energy on becoming a better version of yourself

10.  You will fall and it will hurt. Stand up, dust those knees and keep going

11.  You’ll have bad days but remember, it’s not a bad life. Even the worst days only last 24 hours.

12.  Stand up for yourself and others

13.  Believe in yourself, you’re good enough

14.  The voice that matters the most is the one inside, it’s in your power to make sure it says something that keeps you going and not tear you down

15.  You’re stronger than you think

16.  Kindness isn’t weakness, it’s strength

17.  You won’t know till you try, so just try.

18.  Know when to walk away (relationship, friendship, work etc.)

19.  Be generous with compliments, outward and inward

20.  Don’t pick up smoking, pick up a musical instrument instead

21.  Forgive yourself

22.  Don’t throw a tantrum when you’re asked to take a nap, there are bigger things to cry about in life

23.  Respect is not a given, be respectful to those who deserve/earned it (regardless of age)

24.  Life is how you look at it – choose colorful lenses

25.  We’re not born to fit a mold, just be yourself

26.  Get an education but don’t be obsessed with your grades, remember to have fun – nobody cares about your GPA when you’re an adult

27.  Attitude is everything

I’d say it’s a pretty decent list but the reality is that there’s no going back in time. Still, this was fun. You should give it a try too, come up with your own list based on your age. While young us won’t get a chance to read this, it’s something to share with the younger generation or even your own kids in the future.

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