5 Popular Crystals and What They Are For

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The thing about crystals is that to some, they are just colourful and beautiful to look at. To others, they believe in the healing properties that different types of crystals embody. While there is no scientific evidence that backs this belief, many people have used and sworn by the healing abilities of crystals.

With the current pandemic, things can seem pretty bleak at times and it has affected many of us. Some turn to crystals to seek comfort. Skeptics would probably call it the placebo effect if anything good comes out of it but honestly, there’s no harm trying. Placebo effect or not, if it helps you feel better, why not? If you’re keen to give crystals a try yourself, do proceed with an open mind. Here is a list of 5 popular crystals and what they are used for.

Rose Quartz

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This is commonly referred to as the “love stone”. It got its name from its pretty pink hues. This widely loved heart chakra stone is said to provide emotional healing, promote self love, restore trust and bring joy to the person using it.


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This purple member of the quartz family is believed to provide clarity, help with insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety. It is also said to help encourage those with drinking problems to keep a sober mind. The literal translation of the word Amethyst from its Greek origin is améthystos, meaning “not intoxicated”. It is a crystal that absorbs negative energy and is celebrated as a protection stone.


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This crystal pretty much embodies good vibes all around, it is believed to bring positive energy and prosperity. This crystal gets its name from the French word for lemon (citron), although more often than not, it is not a “lemon-y” bright yellow colour. A word of caution when it comes to buying citrine as many of them on the market are heat treated purple amethyst crystals. If you’re looking for the real thing, it’s best to buy it from a trustworthy source.


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There are actually many different kinds of Jade (blue, white, red, yellow etc.) but the ones that most people are familiar with is the green Jade. Jade is celebrated as the stone that brings good luck, health and prosperity (immensely popular in Feng Shui). Fun fact: The most valuable Jade is the Imperial Jade. In its purest form, it can cost up to millions of dollars.

Tiger’s eye

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As you have probably guessed, it got its name because it resembles the eye of a tiger. This gemstone was traditionally used as a protective amulet against evil. It is believed to help the wearer with his/her self-confidence and inner strength. It is usually paired up with other crystals as it is said to amplify the effect of the crystal on its wearer.

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