5 Things about Singapore that you may not know as a Singaporean

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As a Singaporean (or somebody living in Singapore), there are a number of things about this city-state that the majority of us know of. Things like chewing gum and walking around your house naked are illegal (I meant separately but I guess if you combine the two it’s a double whammy if you’re caught). Also, ridiculously expensive COE for cars, mandatory National Service for men, and of course having to explain to people that Singapore is NOT part of China when we go overseas. These are things many of us are familiar with but there are some interesting facts that can be surprising to some of us, let’s see how well you know Singapore.

Our National Language is Malay

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You’d think that the fact our National Anthem was written and sung in the Malay language would be such a dead giveaway but it’s apparently not common knowledge. Although the main language that we converse in amongst different races is English (or Singlish), Malay IS our national language (according to the constitution).

We opened the World’s First Night Zoo (Night Safari)

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As usual, Singapore is always striving to be the first in all that we do. We opened the first night zoo in the world back in 1994. It is still a very popular tourist attraction today.

Lowest recorded temperature in Singapore was 19º C on 14th February 1989

Image credit: elitedaily.com

It’s hard to imagine but there was a time (technically, a day) when the temperature in Singapore fell below 20º C. Yes, like aircon but… without the air conditioner. Basically many Singaporeans’ dream weather since we’re stuck with hot and humid all summer (by that I mean all year round).

Youngest person who ever passed GCE O Levels Chemistry examination is a 7 year old Singaporean

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We’ve all heard the common stereotype that Asians are great at mathematics and science but this is taking it to a whole new level. The GCE O Levels that most students take at the age of 16 or 17 was taken by a 7 year old Singaporean. He took the Chemistry examination and he passed! He later went on to take the Physics GCE O Levels when he was 9 and he passed that too. Talk about setting the bar high!

Singapore burns pretty much all of its trash

Image credit: tenor.com

If your favourite thing to do as a child during the Mid-Autumn festival was setting your candle boxes on fire and basically creating your own little bonfire, this might be a career route to consider. This puts that type of “heated” energy to good use. The burning of trash generates heat and energy, which is then used for generating electricity. Plus, the smoke produced at the incineration facility goes through a complicated filtration process that makes the air clean. How brilliant! Who’d have thought burning trash could be eco-friendly?

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