Parts of Bukit Timah forests destroyed by rainstorm

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Nparks close off bukit timah trail track due to fallen trees

The recent floodings that occurred around various parts of Singapore, most notably along the Tampines highway exit and Bukit Timah Plaza have proved to be of much concern for those living in the vicinity. However, these events aren’t exclusive to the urban areas it seems. Nature enthusiast Ayub Abunaim chanced upon these ghastly sights and shared the hazards of hiking along the Bukit Timah Dairy Farm Trail Route.

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Lush Greenery set in a 75-hectare dedicated Nature Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park offers multiple trails for hiking and biking as well as a host of recreational activities and amenities such as a nature trail and a former quarry.

“Friends please avoid Bukit Timah for now. Bukit Timah Dairy Farm Route. Just Now” according to Ayub Abunaim in a Facebook post earlier today.

Hikers should take extra caution when hiking into the wild, as even footpaths aren’t spared of the destruction brought about by the recent rainstorms. Thick branches were snapped in two and more than a dozen felled trees were laid waste earlier today (Aug 24).

Yes, that was once a stairway. The picture on the right depicts what used to be a portion of the stairway along the Bukit Timah Trail. One can only imagine the destructive power of the wind and rain just by looking at these images.

Image Credits: Google Map (Street View)

Calm before the storm. Image of the area before the rainstorm hit early this month. We are still in the midst of the Southwest Monsoon Season which sees about 171mm of rain, a slight increase from July which typically sees 150mm.

According to the NEA advisories, the Southwest Monsoon season typically extends into September and is a generally drier season compared to other times of the year. So hikers ought to check for any changes in the weather conditions for the day before embarking on your adventures! You don’t wish to get stuck, having the SCDF come to your rescue in the middle of your treks.

Location of fallen tree debris

Marked X on the map, the 2 locations are where the known fallen trees and debris are located along Dairy Farm Loop within Bukit Timah trail.

fallen trees at bukit timah nature park dairy farm trail
Image Credits: Namtha Prabang (Facebook)

The extent of the damage as shown in the pictures, mostly younger trees appear to have fallen.

Image Credits: Namtha Prabang (Facebook)

As of 25 August, 3pm this afternoon, Nparks seems to have cordoned off the trails for the safety of visitors.

Have you explored this nature park recently? Did you observe any of these changes after the recent rainstorms? Let us know!

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