Shang Chi movie star Simu Liu acted in Comedy flick Kung Fu Hustle?

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kung fu hustle shang chi

Ladies, gents and fans of the Marvel Universe, rejoice. For it is the day of movie release feature of Shang Chi: The legend of the ten rings!

OG Shang Chi

kung fu hustle shang chi
Image Credit: Kung Fu Hustle

In the screengrab from the comedy classic, Kung Fu Hustle,

Simu Liu (32), a Canadian actor, stuntman, and writer was born on 19 April 1989 in Harbin, China. Liu originally emigrated from China with his family when he was only five years old, moving to Mississauga, Ontario.

Liu originally took up accounting at the University of Western Ontario and during his stint at Deloitte upon graduation, was when he begun having second thoughts about a career in this industry , eventually leaving for good.

The 1.83m tall hunk had previously been trained in martial arts and stunt work with past roles including Jung Kim in the Canadian sitcom Kim’s convenience.

Did he or did he not?

kung fu hustle shang chi
Image Credits: Reddit

Admittedly, when placed in side by side comparison, the resemblance is undoubtedly uncanny.

Now… for the actual answer to debunk all those floating rumors that has surfaced ever since the release of the Marvel trailer…

Shang Chi rumor Debunked

Image Credits: @Kurisama91 (Twitter)

The answer is an astounding ‘No’. The marvel star Simu Liu did not play in the cult classic movie Kung Fu Hustle. Instead, the actor in that scene is a man named Wen Hui He.

‘He’ is a different chinese actor all on his own, and has starred in primarily mandarin films such as Kung Fu Hustle (2004), Shaolin Soccer (2001) and Singing Behind Screens (2003). In another news, Stephen Chow has confirmed the filming of Kung Fu Hustle 2 and we are stoked!

There we go, so now you know.

Will you be catching the film in Cinemas this September? Let us know!

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