Recruit sketches everyday life in BMTC, National Service

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RECRUIT NSF asher ong sketches life in bmtc

What would you do without technology? Many of us would have taken to penning down our thoughts on our notebooks or notepads. This one sentimental recruit however, has taken journaling to the next level. He sketches his entire personal BMT experience which depicts the daily training and activities ranging from the firing range and drawing of firearms from the armskote and other seemingly mundane aspects of NS life.

“It keeps me focused on the purpose of my training for myself, my community, my nation. One thing I have learnt through drawing is that there are so many interesting and beautiful things about the Army. Drawing has helped me to slow down and appreciate the aspects of BMT.” Said REC Asher Ong Yue Sheng from BMTC SCHOOL 2, LEOPARD COMPANY.

He goes as far as to sektching the anatomy of the standard issue SAR-21 rifle and the grenade, how intriguing!

Image Credits: BMTC (Facebook)

First person view sketch at the firing range through the eyes of Asher. No phones, no problem when you have an artistic talent like Asher. Seems like it would make for an exceptionally decent comic book of sorts don’t you think?

We wish Asher the best throughout the remainder of his stint in National Service!

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