Happy Teacher’s Day! (3 reasons why teachers can never be replaced by technology)

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teachers day singapore AI technology

Reason 1: Human interaction powers learning

teachers day singapore
Image Credits: @verbaldarrell (Tiktok)

As shared by @verbaldarrell in a recent Tiktok video, a teacher first and foremost morphes each children in the ways they create, shape and engage students in their learning experiences. What seperates AI or technology from traditional teachers is its cognitive ability and moral values that they impart into students, teachers engage, guide and facilitate learning in classrooms and the irreplacable factor here, is the human touch.

Reason 2: Teachers Inspire

teachers day singapore
Image Credits: Unsplash

An inspiring teacher creates a conducive classroom atmosphere and vibrantly positive classroom culture that motivates and generates genuine interest amongst students, leading them onto their best path to potential in life.

While students are able to obtain passionate and inspirational quotes or stories from online sources, it just isn’t quite the same as having a mentor overlooking your progress and providing assistance to help one overcome their individual obstacles. A good example will be ‘External Motivation’ vs ‘Internal motivation’, not everyone has the latter, hence the significance in roles that teachers play!

Reason 3: Values inculcation

teachers day singapore
Image Credits: Branding in Asia

Teaching goes beyond imparting knowledge, something anyone can achieve on their own. Teachers inculcate and incubate the right values in each student. One of the best ways teachers impact students is by helping them develop proper convictions of their own and inculcate morally correct values such as integrity and kindness.

In short, while it is possible to digitalize and automate learning or teaching experiences, teachers are irreplaceable. However, with these two entities combined, teachers will find the most innovative of methods to impart qualities and knowledge to their students by adapting to this new technological age, bringing far more to the desks of classrooms, and at the same time, widening their horizons.

As the great Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”, this quote holds true even to this day. We would like to wish a heartfelt thank you to all the amazing teachers who were ever once a part of our lives, Happy Teacher’s Day!

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