Who is Ray Mak: YouTube’s Top Commenter

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If you’re on YouTube frequently, checking out videos and commenting, you’re bound to have seen this guy.

Ray Mak – some call him a legend, others just find him annoying. One thing’s for sure, he gets attention.

So, who is he?

Image credit: Screen grab of Ray Mak’s YouTube Channel

Many people have seen him in the comments section on multiple videos and their first reaction is usually:

When I first noticed him commenting on a bunch of YouTube videos that I was watching, I thought, “hey, this name’s awfully familiar…”. Then I saw a large number of people replying to his comment, all along the lines of “he’s everywhere”. It sparked my curiosity, just who is this guy?

I clicked on his YouTube channel and found out that he’s a musician from Malaysia. He does piano covers of his favourite tunes and takes in fan requests too. I checked out some of his videos and I’m impressed, dude’s talented! Then it clicked.

Why does he do it?

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit he’s pretty brilliant. By commenting on videos all over YouTube, he captures people’s attention and many of them, like me, would click on his channel just to see what this guy’s all about. At the very least, he’s getting free publicity. As a bonus, those who check out his channel and like his content would probably click on the “subscribe” button. He even leverages on the fact that people are always saying that he’s everywhere, to make content based on that too. It’s a great tactic considering he already has 387k subscribers and counting.

Image credit: Screen grab of YouTube comments on Rayk Mak’s “Ray Mak is Omnipresent” video

How does he do it?

Honestly, I don’t know but you can leave him a comment on YouTube and ask him yourself. He’s probably going to reply.

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