Ed Sheeran’s latest single “Shivers” MV out now

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Ed Sheeran channeled his inner Elton John as he dressed up in an iconic sequin suit, feathers and classic blinged up pink sunglasses for his latest music video – “Shivers”.

Image credit: Ed Sheeran’s Instagram page @teddysphotos

The song was released just hours ago and fans are already hooked.

Image credit: Screenshot of the comments section of Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers” music video

The outfits, acting and basically entire music video directed by Dave Meyers was so ridiculously over the top and I’m here for it. Word of advice? Don’t bother trying to understand what the music video is about. Even Ed himself said so in his Instagram post, “Hope you enjoy it guyzzzz, don’t ask me what it means or what it’s about coz I have no idea either”. Honestly, I’m just happy to see him having such a great time producing tracks for his millions of fans worldwide.

Check out Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers” music video here:

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