Simu Liu’s ‘in-your-face’ response to iStock after it says ‘we always believed in you’

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Image credit: AP

Yeah, nah.

The Shang-Chi star was not having it. On 7th September, Simu Liu posted on Twitter a stock photo that he modelled for in the earlier part of his career. He captioned it “Me laughing at people who thought we’d (Shang-Chi) flop”. The company that he modelled for decided to respond to his tweet. Liu’s response was probably not what they were hoping for.

Image credit: Simu Liu’s Twitter account

Last month, Liu shared on Twitter that for at least one of the pictures going around, he was only paid $120. 

“Got paid 120 bucks and signed away all my rights to them because I was in credit card debt. Now they are everywhere,” he wrote in the tweet.

Liu has always been known to have a strong social media presence and a witty sense of humour. Since fans couldn’t get enough of his iStock images, he turned it into a meme in response to critics suggesting that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings would do poorly at the box office. It actually smashed records over Labour Day weekend, the movie grossed over $90 million over a period of four days.

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