5 reasons why Singaporeans are obsessed with bubble tea

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Bubble tea, popularly known as boba tea, is a tea-based beverage that is said to have originated from Taiwan in the early 1980s. In the years since, bubble tea has exploded in popularity in many countries – Singapore being one of them.

With the growing number of bubble tea brands, the variety of flavours have increased too. It has evolved to suit customers’ insatiable craving for a more elaborate list to choose from. Despite being high in calories and loaded with sugar, it’s not enough to deter us from it. Just what is it about bubble tea that keeps us coming back for more?

It’s fun, convenient and customisable

There’s a certain allure to bubble tea because of the customisable aspect of it. It’s not like a store bought can of soda. With bubble tea, it’s a whole experience – that’s what makes it fun too. From choosing the sugar level of your drink to the types of toppings you would like, right down to the size of it. Plus, it’s really convenient considering there are so many bubble tea outlets everywhere. In one shopping mall, you can easily find at least 2 bubble tea shops.

It’s a social thing

“Wanna go drink bubble tea?” Oddly enough, something as simple as buying a drink turns into a social activity. The thing is, it only works when it’s bubble tea. You don’t hear people saying, “Wanna go drink Sprite?”.

It doubles up as a dessert on-the-go

After having a meal with friends, it’s getting increasingly common to grab a cup of bubble tea instead of a cake. Unless you’re craving a certain type of dessert that day, this is usually the go to option. It’s a drink and a dessert all rolled into one, kinda makes you feel like you’re getting more bang for you buck. Satisfy your sweet tooth craving while staying hydrated.

It’s become part of an aesthetic

You know how people like to take photographs with their Starbucks drink? The same applies for bubble tea. You see it all over social media. It has even gone from just the drink itself to apparel designs, earrings, phone cases, keycaps and many more.

It becomes part of our routine

It’s something that is easily incorporated into our lifestyle. Studying for exams? Bubble tea. Feeling sluggish at work? Bubble tea. Watching shows at home? Bubble tea. Mahjong session with friends? Bubble tea. Whatever the occasion, bubble tea is almost always the go to choice.

Sometimes you forget the question but you know the answer’s bubble tea.

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