5 Reasons to watch Squid Game

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Definitely not child’s play.

This 9 episode Korean survival thriller game series has been compared to other hit shows like “Alice in Borderland” and “The Hunger Games”. Squid game is about 456 individuals that are heavily in debt, invited to stake their lives and play 6 common Korean childhood games. The last one standing wins 45.6 billion won and the rest of the players die.

I binge watched this entire series in one day, here’s why:

Stellar Cast

The actors in a show really make or break it. Lee Jung Jae (City of the Rising Sun) and Park Hae Soo (Prison Playbook) who play the role of childhood friends that reunite at the games, are seasoned actors that excelled at their main cast roles. Jung Ho Yeon who is a famous model, played her first acting role in this show and I’m happy to say that she makes me excited to see her in more shows in the future. Also, Anupam Tripathi. An Indian actor in a K-drama is uncommon but he turned out to be one of the fans favourites. Plus, I just loved the cameo scenes featuring Gong Yoo.

Amazing Plot

Just watch how the story unfolds, check out the trailer

The Set

The impressively designed set has already drawn much attention to the show and frankly, been very useful in marketing it. Check out this pop-up at Itaewon as part of a marketing effort for Squid Game. From the big mechanical doll, to the playground, the stairs and even costumes worn by the game facilitators, it’s all so well thought out and designed.

Intriguing Games

I shall not spoil all 6 games for you but one thing’s for sure, they’re simple and fun. Some of the games I’ve played them myself growing up – except for the deadly twist part of course.

I would suggest you lay off apps like TikTok till you finish watching the show – there’s spoilers everywhere!

A Show that Invokes Complex Emotions

This is my favourite about the show, it kept me hooked throughout. The series was really intense with lots of mystery and suspense. Most parts can get pretty dark and twisted but there were some heart warming scenes, however brief. You’ll learn some life lessons if you watch with intent. The character development from the first episode right down to the last one, really deserves a round of applause.

Catch Squid Game, streaming now on Netflix!

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