Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey – Walk or Run this October, it’s up to you

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I’m sure you’ve heard of marathons, how about a lazy walk for a medal?

Well, getting a medal is secondary but it’s always welcomed, especially when it’s for something as simple as completing a 3km walk in a MONTH. This Eggs-ercise journey is designed to help participants recharge and have fun, either by themselves or with loved ones. The best part about this is that it takes the pressure of racing off of you, you can complete your walk/run at anytime, as long as it’s by 31st October (end of the event). Just track the distance you clock using a GPS fitness app and submit it on the race app portal to retrieve your rewards. If anything, this is more like a month-long personal goal tracker.

The event runs from 1st – 31st October, you can register anytime before that and collect your race pack in person at Sentosa on any one of the following dates: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th October. You can opt for the delivery option to your place instead at a $6 fee, it will arrive before 10th October.

This is what’s included in the event entry pack:

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There’s other additional merchandise that you can choose to add on as well:

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There are 4 stages you can choose to participate in during the event:

Stage 1: 3km

Stage 2: 10km

Stage 3: 20km

Stage 4: 50km

By completing the required distance, you will get the virtual badge. Either way, you will still receive the physical medal via postage 2-4 weeks after the event ends.

Jio your friends! Click here to sign up for the Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey before registration closes.

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