Pokemon Oreo Collaboration Cookies sold for Over US$15,000 on eBay

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If you were unable to get your hands on one of those PSA 10 graded Charizards due to their extortionate prices, don’t fret. You now have another shot with these newly launched Pokemon x Oreo collaboration cookies at retail price.

Twist, Lick, Sell?

Oreo announced a limited edition variation of its cookies that are depicted with faces of 16 popular Pokemon characters. With the most sought-after piece being that of “Mew”. Other pokemon faces adorned on the sandwich cookies are Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Dratini, Sandshrew, Lapras, Jigglypuff, Snivy, Piplup, Rowlet, Pancham, Grookey, Sableye, and the legendary Mew.

Gotta catch em’ all!

oreo x pokemon cookies
Image credit: OREO

It’s hard to fathom how a single cookie can fetch thousands of dollars, but we can also say the same with most hobby collectibles except this one actually has a shelf life.

Cookies for sale

pokemon x oreo cookie
Image credit: Geek Culture (Facebook)

Some have taken their regrets to the comments section saying “I should have sold it and not ate it”, while some expressed nonchalance at the peaking prices.

Contrasting Figures

pokemon oreo cookie ebay
Image credit: Geek Culture (Facebook)

A simple quick check in the sold listings of eBay will have you in awe. While the highest in the sold listing has seen these cookies sold in the thousands, there were also some that were sold for as low as $2USD. Perhaps, it would be wise to scour around and wait for prices to drop, #OREOTOTHEMOON anybody?

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