5 Things that feel illegal but isn’t

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It’s all perfectly legal but why do we almost feel guilty when we do these?

Taking MC when you’re actually sick

Image credit: makeameme.org

Especially in Asian countries, you face the judgment of your colleagues and your boss. They seem to be wondering, “really sick or pretend one?”. Sometimes you feel like you need to overly justify just how sick you are to convince them that it’s true.

Stopping at a police roadblock at 3am, perfectly sober and well within the speed limit

Image credit: knowyourmeme.com

That moment of panic you feel when you see the roadblock and you subconsciously slow down even if it’s still quite a distance away. You didn’t do anything wrong but you start thinking is there anything in your car that shouldn’t be there. Maybe even start running through your mind your whereabouts for the past few hours.

Buying condoms

Image credit: imgur.com

Act casual, avoid eye contact with the cashier …. grabs a pack real quick and hides it under a bunch of other items at the counter.

Asking someone to return you the money they borrowed

Image credit: ahseeit.com

THIS. It shouldn’t even happen in the first place if people just returned the money they owe by the time they said they would. It’s always an awkward conversation, “Hey sorry man, just checking ’cause you said you were going to pay me back by last Monday. Wanted to make sure you didn’t transfer to the wrong account or anything haha. Ah, no worries yeah, Friday’s good. Sorry to bother you man, just send when it’s convenient. Thanks!” Aaaaannnndddd, Friday comes and still nothing.

Cancelling plans just because you’ve basically run out of “social stamina”

Image credit: dopl3r.com

You love your friends but there are just days when getting out of bed or leaving the house feels like an impossible task. You THOUGHT you’d be up for it but as the timing draws closer, you just… can’t. You hate that you have to cancel but not cancelling isn’t really much of an option in that state.


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