[REVIEW] How we planned an unforgettable birthday for our colleague feat. the viral Coriander Cake

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bungee jump

Remember the Coriander cake we mentioned a few articles back? Yes, that coriander cake. It played a role in our recent birthday surprise for our dear friend and colleague. The celebration was spread over a course of two days and the first day of celebration was meant to be the calm before the storm. Our friend absolutely loves roller coasters and from that, we deduced he would appreciate something that has to do with heights (or not).

The Famed Coriander Cake

The cake retails at $58.00 and they only allow for self-collection at selected outlets, apart from their bakes, they carry out in-house bakery classes too!

While most of us detested Coriander, we were actually rather excited to give this a go due to how unique the concept is. And the verdict… It was great but underwhelming at the same time and had us scratching our heads wondering if what we paid for was actually a sham. While the cake was decorated with actual Coriander stalks and leaves on the sides, it tasted nothing of Coriander. It was in fact, a carrot-sponge cake and the taste was a solid 7/10 in our opinion.

It seems that they have, however, upgraded their cakes since our last purchase and now serve actual coriander-infused Coriander Cakes. Ugh, we’ll have to wait for the next person’s birthday before we can terrorize someone again.

We brought him to his favorite steak place, iSteak! We gobbled down our food and forgot to take an actual picture so here’s one from iSteak themselves, pardon us.

Image Credits: iSteak

Safe to say, he enjoyed his 1kg worth of steak but suffered from a serious bout of food coma. We ended that night with some fine whiskey (of course).

The day of reckoning

aj hackett birthday bungee jump

Come Sunday, we’re all excited, both at what’s to come for our friend and the inner demon within us who just wants to see our friend suffer and scream. We made the booking for a Bungee Jump experience at AJ Hackett Sentosa just days prior via KLOOK which was offering some decent discounts (pro-tip here, take notes y’all).

On the way to meet his doom

aj hackett bungee jump

We had our friend blindfolded from his house and made him put on his ear pods whilst controlling both the volume and genre of music, mostly upbeat to keep his heart rate at a higher than regular pace. Just enough to have sufficient blood pumping through his veins and to potentially reduce the levels of shock he’s about to face. We travelled by Grab to Sentosa to ease the entire process.

It seems he was beginning to falter from the pressure of not knowing what was coming

We arrived at the location and checked in with all the usual processes. The staff was extremely helpful in helping us keep our surprise under wraps, requesting for us to sign his particulars before having him make his way up to the top of the structure.

aj hackett bungee jump

Even we felt the nerves standing below the towering bungee jump platform structure.

Fumbling through his briefing before the ascend, whilst blindfolded. He was pretty frantic at this point.

Finally allowed to remove his blindfold and truth be told, he had the shock of his life, neither of us has ever seen this expression on him.

Muttering his last prayers before the leap.
Look at that face, you know what we mean now? That’s a pure unadulterated expression of fear masterfully captured.

“It felt like I was committing suicide”

To put it bluntly, in his words, the attempt felt like a suicide attempt as there was nothing to hold on to and the free fall felt like forever.

bungee jump sentosa

Now if you take a closer look, the staff made sure for a little extra surprise, a short dip into the pool as a bonus!

bungee jump sentosa

Once again, shout-out and major thanks to the team at AJ Hackett for spontaneously assisting us with the surprise. This one’s for you buddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again!

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