5 Unnecessary Inventions that are Actually Nice to Have

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We are doing just fine without these but man… these sure are nice – and by nice I actually mean borderline genius.

The Infinity Saucelet

In place of the infinity stones in the original Marvel movie, sauce holders take their spots on this replica gauntlet. Pick and choose up to 5 of your favourite sauces at one time then just kick back, watch a movie and dip away.

This is basically low budget meets Thanos with a snacking obsession. Word of caution: don’t snap your fingers like he did.

The Nuggie Necklace

The nuggie necklace and the infinity saucelet should totally come in a set. My only qualm with it is that it can only hold 5 nuggets. I mean… there’s a lot more space on that necklace for more nugget holders. What a waste of real estate!

The Cone Cream Catcher

It holds your ice cream cone so you won’t have to deal with getting melted ice cream all over your hand. Plus, never waste another drop of ice cream again since you can suck out all that melty goodness at the end. Although I must say it looks a little…

The Hand Paint Rollers

Kind of reminds me of one of those “pandemic stay home workouts”, might even be a better workout than one of your spin classes! You’d probably end up with a rather unevenly painted wall after taking 5 times the amount of time but hey, at least you burned those calories!

The Streaming Roulette Dice


How to decide what to watch on any streaming service when you can’t make up your mind! (Link in bio!) #unnecessaryinventions

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For all you indecisive people out there, this could actually be a necessary invention – or at least the concept of it. Don’t know what to watch? Let the dice decide. The best part about this is you don’t actually need to buy these, just use regular dice that you can find at home and decide on what each number will represent. What’s left is to roll the dice and you’re all set. No more wasting time trying to figure out what to watch. You can also apply this concept to deciding what to eat or where to go, it’s THAT simple.

All images and videos credit: @unnecessaryinventions

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