5 Fun Stay Home Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Netflix

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Things can get pretty mundane if every date night starts looking awfully similar. Time to spice up your dating life without having to burn a hole in your pocket, check these out!

Paint Suncatchers or Spend Time Building Blocks

If you find painting an entire canvas too tedious or time consuming, consider buying one of these Suncatchers to paint. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take up much time. You can get a small and inexpensive one at Miniso for just $2 but do note that it is currently only available at the VivoCity outlet. It is one of their more popular items so do give the outlet a call to check that it’s in-stock before making the trip down.

Photo credit: Miniso Singapore Facebook Page

If neither of you are keen to paint your own Suncatchers, perhaps you can consider getting the Miniso newest arrival of building blocks – Snoopy series ($9.90)! Check out these adorable designs:

Image credit: Miniso Singapore Facebook Page
Image credit: Miniso Singapore Facebook Page

Prepare Simple Snacks with Viral TikTok Recipes

TikTok is a treasure trove of short and easy to follow video recipes that you can try at home. Some don’t even require a pot or a pan, just an air fryer. Here’s an example of a quick, simple and healthy snack that you can prepare with your partner during your next stay home date:


Reply to @tayy_lorde the crispy sides are my fav #easyrecipe #ComfortFood

♬ In My Mind – Lyn Lapid

Play Games Together

It can literally be any game – video games, phone games, card games, board games etc. Find one that you both would like to try, together. If you can’t think of any, here are some popular games:

  • How Well Do You Know Your Partner? – Each come up with 10 questions of your own (or more, up to you), prepare and write down your 10 answers too. Then, ask your partner the 10 questions, if their written answer matches yours, they get the point. At the end of the game, the one with the most points wins.

  • Love Scrabble – It’s like regular Scrabble except the words that you form on the board need to be related under the “love” theme.

  • Jenga – The person who topples the Jenga stack will _______ (come up with something you both agree to). Play away!

Couples Workout

You can find free workout videos on YouTube if you’re not sure what to do. There’s also some couples workout challenges if you and your partner are up for it. Here’s one:

Meditate Together

If working out is not your thing, give meditation a try. There are a number of free mindfulness/meditation apps for both iOS and Android devices. A really popular one is called “Insight timer”. There’s over 100,000 guided meditations – all free. Even if you think it might be boring, half of the fun is in trying something new together. There’s only one way to find out if you’ll both enjoy it so give it a try before dismissing the idea.

And there you have it! The next time you’re thinking of planning a stay home date, you know what to do 😊

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