Kim Dae Mun – Authentic and Affordable Korean Food in Town

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This simple, no frills restaurant is rather inconspicuously located on the first floor of Concorde hotel along Orchard road. What’s less inconspicuous is the line you’ll see outside the restaurant during lunch/dinner times. While some people may be deterred by the long queue, others would gladly join in since queues in Singapore are associated with something being worth the wait – it’s very much true in this case. That being said, queues move fast here as they have an efficient system and food is prepared promptly and piping hot.

Most of their menu are food items under $10 and served in generous portions, so it’s wallet-friendly and will leave you feeling satiated.

At just $8.50, you can get a hearty bowl of Bibimbap, definitely a crowd favourite. You can choose to have it with meat or without. This rice dish includes an egg, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, cucumbers, seaweed, spinach and is topped off with sesame seeds. Along with your Bibimbap, you get a side dish of kimchi/spicy cucumbers/fried anchovies (take your pick) and a small bowl of cabbage soup.

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If you’re craving a big bowl of soupy goodness, their Kimchi Soup (with pork) is highly recommended. Also priced at $8.50, you get a generous serving of kimchi, tofu, pork and egg in the soup accompanied by a bowl of rice and of course, a side dish (kimchi/spicy cucumbers/fried anchovies).

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Their hot plate Spicy Shredded Chicken ($8.50), Spicy Pork ($9) and Tender Beef Slices ($10.50) are well seasoned and very filling. If you’re a big eater, you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of meat to go around. If you’re looking for something lighter, opt for the Garlic Chives Pancakes ($4.50). It’s fragrant, crunchy and packed full of flavour.

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These are just some items off their menu that steal the limelight but there’re plenty more delicious options for you to choose from, visit Kim Dae Mun to try them for yourself!

Kim Dae Mun

Address: 100 Orchard Road, #01-03A Singapore 238840

Opening Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 11am – 8pm

(No reservations, only walk-ins)

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