Singapore Toy Designer – Project Empty; Brave

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The heart and soul behind “Project Empty; Brave” is Potter & Designer, Deva Raj. Also known as the_hairy_potter on Instagram.

When one thinks of designer toys, Singapore usually isn’t the first country that comes to mind. Being a small island city-state, it’s never really had a huge art scene but just like other parts of the world, there are hidden gems. In Singapore, we’ve got Deva.

The very first time I met Deva, he came across as an unassuming person who’s really easy to talk to and had a calm aura about him. He’s the kind of guy who could play a supporting character and still shine just as bright as the lead.

As a potter, there were matters that he wanted to talk about that were challenging to translate through clay and clay alone. That’s when he began his journey on fabricating designer toys as a way to connect people and spark conversations. In his words, “Project Empty” attempts to investigate mental health issues and the “It’s all in your head” mentality people can have when confronted by someone seeking help.

He has recently launched his newest addition, Brave, as part of the “Project Empty;” series. Deva spoke about Brave in his Instagram video saying, “The head is installed with an LED, that lights up when the heart that acts as a switch is placed within the body. The battery embedded within the body is not changeable, once the battery expires, so too the light. The intricate part of ‘Project Empty;’ is the interaction between the collector and the artist… From the 3rd to the 5th of December, 11pm to 7am, I will arrange with each collector a one hour live streaming session via Discord or Zoom, where we will get together to fill up Brave’s heart and head.”

“Project Empty; Brave” is a Singapore Comic Con exclusive available both in Singapore and internationally, open for preorders now till 1 December 11.59PM SST.

Limited pieces available, click here to find out more or to purchase Brave.

Top photos from @the_hairy_potter

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