10 Free Things to Do in Singapore

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In Singapore, heading out tends to be synonymous with spending money. Just what’s there to do that’s free here?

Free Music Performances, Visual Arts Displays and Activities to do at the Esplanade

Photo credit: esplanade.com

While some of us know of the free music performances from time to time at the outdoor theatre, not many of us know there’s a lot more free activities at the Esplanade. There are free musical theatre performances, orchestra shows, art exhibitions etc. Check out the full list of current and upcoming free activities here.

Have Fun Building Sandcastles or Organizing a Beach Clean Up

Photo credit: @paulfosterrr/Instagram

Head on down to beaches like the one at East Coast Park, it’s free. Have a picnic, build some sand castles or read a book. Just kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for something more active, consider organizing a beach clean up! Register here.

Volunteer for a Cause

Photo credit: giving.sg

If cleaning up the beach isn’t something you want to do, there are plenty of other voluntary causes you can go for. From volunteering to tutor underprivileged kids to manning a SOS hotline, choose a cause you’re passionate about serving and apply for it. Options available here .

Visit Museums

Photo credit: @brandongoo/Instagram

There are over 50 public and private museums/heritage galleries all over Singapore. For those that are open to the public, many of them offer free admission for locals and permanent residents!

Explore the Beauty of Art in the Streets

Photo credit: visitkamponggelam.com.sg

You don’t see much of street art around Singapore, but at Kampong Glam, it’s celebrated. Check out Gelam Gallery, Singapore’s first outdoor art gallery with works by local artists. Immerse yourself in the arts and feel free to take photos every step of the way!

Haw Par Villa – Hell on Earth?

Photo credit: hawparvilla.sg

Not entirely sure what a replica of the Statue of Liberty is doing at Haw Par Villa but I guess only one way to find out. Take a walk around the park (it’s free) or check out ‘Hell’s Museum‘ (you’ll have to buy tickets for this because a trip to hell comes at a cost).

Soak your feet at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Photo credit: nparks.gov.sg

Free hot springs… in Singapore?! Yeah, that’s right. Sembawang Hot Spring Park is Singapore’s only hot spring park. It features cascading pools, a water collection point and even an Egg Cooking Station (please don’t boil them in the pool you soak you feet in…).

Walk amongst Dinosaurs

Photo credit: changiairport.com

Choose to walk, jog or cycle amongst these majestic life-sized dinosaurs! Jurassic Mile is a one-of-a-kind experience that is free, I can’t think of anywhere else in Singapore where this is available – 24 hours too!

Kids’ Paradise @ Admiralty Park Playground

Photo credit: nparks.gov.sg

There are 26 slides here, 26! Different play areas are catered for varying age groups so there’s something for every child. There’s also a swing designed for wheelchair users and an inclusive seated merry-go-round. The playground even has a flying fox and an ‘Expression Swing’! That swing is a big hit among parents as they can sit on the swing themselves while swinging their little one in front (a separate seat on the same swing). I wish this place existed during my childhood.

Fishing at Bedok Reservoir

Photo credit: nparks.gov.sg

While there are a number of places you’re allowed to fish in Singapore, this is one of the more common spots – especially if you live in the East. If you have the patience for it, or if you’re learning to be more patient, this is a chill free activity that you can do by yourself or with others.

Who says going out must spend money?

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