Singapore Artiste in the Spotlight: Zadon

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Recently, I came across this new music release on Spotify and was pleasantly surprised to find out it’s a song by Singaporean rapper-singer, songwriter and music producer Zadon.

When I think of the local music scene, only a handful of names come to mind – JJ Lin, Stephanie Sun, Nathan Hartono, Shigga Shay and Gentle Bones. After listening to and watching the music video for Zadon’s latest single ‘你是我ONLY’, I’m adding him to the list.

Screen grab taken from 你是我ONLY MV

From the single’s cover art to the lyrics of the song, the message is clear – it’s a celebration of love. His music video that was just released yesterday, 9 December, also features love in its various forms. The song title directly translates to ‘You’re my Only’. It’s apparent that this song is dedicated to his girlfriend, Soh Pei Shi, a Singaporean lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who appeared alongside the singer at different points in the MV as a happy couple.

The MV also showcases real, everyday people depicting love in the form of a same sex couple, same race/mixed race familes and couples, siblings, grandparents, friends from different backgrounds and the love towards a pet. It’s a heartwarming sight and a great reminder to express your love to the ones you hold dear to your heart.

Screen grab taken from 你是我ONLY MV
Screen grab taken from 你是我ONLY MV

To celebrate his new MV release, Zadon has also sent out handwritten notes in a locked ‘Love Letterbox’ to the people he loves (as seen in his Instagram stories).

Image credit: Screenshots of Zadon’s Instagram stories

English translation of the words in the image on the left: “Congratulations Bro @zadonnn When I receive presents from the ladies also not so sweet lor”

English translation of the words in the image on the right: “Congratulations on the release of your new MV”

Zadon’s also giving away two Airpods to two lucky winners that:

  1. Like & comment on ‘你是我ONLY’ MV on his YouTube Channel
  2. Share ‘你是我ONLY’ YouTube MV
  3. Tag him on your shared post/story

Check out the music video here:

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