5 Beautiful HDB Homes

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Looking to renovate your new BTO or finding design inspirations for your future house? Check out Stacked Homes on YouTube. Stacked consists of a team of real estate specialists dedicated to helping buyers find their perfect home in Singapore. Follow Stacked as they interview home owners and tour different houses, learn tips to design a living space that caters to your wants and needs. Take a look at these 5 beautiful HDB homes featured on Stacked.

3-Room Resale Flat

This 3-room HDB resale flat is situated in Clementi. The unit is 73 sqm and the renovation cost around $35,000 (excluding furniture). The homeowners went with a modern bohemian theme with some Scandinavian vibes. By going to contractors for quotes instead of enlisting the help of an interior designer, they managed to keep the cost more affordable. To save space in their kitchen while still ensuring there’s additional “tabletop” area when needed, there’s a retractable kitchen drawer feature that does just that. By hacking down walls, they were also able to open up the space more for the dining area.

4-Room Sales of Balance Flat

This 4-room sales of balance flat is situated in Tampines. By opting for a sales of balance flat, they were able to choose a flat based on their liking. The unit is 990 sqft and the renovation cost around $35,000 (excluding furniture). The homeowners went with a bohemian theme with some eclectic elements. The kitchen consists of Mediterranean vibes that complements the boho theme well. They used colours to add character to the space and incorporated wood into the design for that earthy tone which gives off an inviting homely feel to the place. There’s also lots of personal touches that showcase the couple’s hobbies around the house.

5-Room BTO Flat

This 5-room BTO flat is situated in Punggol. The unit is 112 sqm and the renovation cost around $58,000 (excluding furniture). The designer homeowners went with a minimalist concept so the entire house has a very open vibe to it, free from clutter. It’s a house by the sea with windows that allow lots of light to pass through. There are no prints or mosaic tiles, just soothing earthy tones and a cohesive colour scheme throughout the house. They also incorporated the use of foldable doors in the living area to define a space and open it up when needed. Their kitchen is also very much in line with the open concept, they can interact with the guests or watch shows on the projector while preparing food. In the master bedroom, the clever use of a mirror divides the dressing area and the sleeping area.

5-Room Multi-gen Loft

This 5-room multi-gen loft is situated in Queenstown. The unit is 1300 sqft and the renovation cost around $100,000 (excluding furniture). The homeowners went with a more classy, stylish and open concept theme with the place. The house is essentially bright white with some black elements. The master bedroom was converted into a walk-in wardrobe and dressing space, linked to the bathroom with a bathtub. The use of glass and mirror furnishings further open up the space and makes it look more spacious. Things are kept hidden in storage spaces designed around the house and underneath the stairs, it keeps the place looking neat too.


This masionette resale unit is situated in Tampines. It is 148 sqm and the renovation cost around $84,000 (excluding furniture). The homeowners went with a homely, bright and airy concept with the place. They used lots of wood and pastel colours across the whole house. Much of the design/decor ideas were taken from Pinterest. They went with different tiling designs throughout the house and also incorporated arches in the layout. There’s a high ceiling in the service yard and they use a shutter to keep the rain out.

There are still many other design concepts to explore, we hope you find one that’s perfect for you!

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