Weird Food Combinations Series Vol. 1

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Disclaimer: Try at your own risk, projectile vomiting always a possibility.

Welcome to our newest weekly series where we buy food items available at our local (Singapore) supermarkets and pair them up in a way that’s not typically done. A roulette of flavours, time to judge the hits and misses. You ready?

I was talking to my stomach.

Rating Scale


Would have it again

I see how some might like it, but not me

Yeah, nah

It’s a hard pass

Hot & Spicy Potato Chips + Kimchi

Let’s start off easy, spicy potato chips and kimchi. I would eat them both separately but together? It doesn’t add much. Kimchi on its own already has a nice crunch to it along with the usual spicy and sour flavour. When paired with the potato chips, it’s almost as if I’m eating plain potato chips with kimchi. Apart from the salty note at the end, none of the other potato chips flavours came through. It’s still not an awful pairing, it’s just sort of… meh.

Verdict: Yeah, nah

Mango + Tabasco Sauce

Visually. the Calypso mango from Australia looked and smelt absolutely delicious. It had a nice blush and golden yellow hue, firm (but not too firm) and wasn’t bruised. Even after cutting through the mango, it was really juicy and looked impeccable. I took a small bite before adding tabasco so I could compare the before and after tastes. To my disappointment, the flavour fell kind of flat. I expected more from a mango that costs $6.50. Nevertheless, I was hoping the tabasco sauce would somehow elevate the taste but the vinegary spiciness of it instantly overpowered the mango and made me realize the reason why people don’t eat the two together.

Verdict: It’s a hard pass

Hazelnut Wafers + Otah Tuna Spread

Suggesting a pairing like this will definitely raise a few eyebrows but I was ridiculously pleasantly surprised! The first second of the first bite left me a little confused, probably just my brain trying to comprehend just how these two can actually taste good together. Everything made sense in the seconds that followed. The sweet and crispy wafer complemented the savoury tuna spread that had just the slightest hint of heat.


Cereal + Orange Juice

If you’re looking for a dairy replacement, hold off on reaching for the juice box. Although just thinking about adding orange juice to cereal is enough to make a lot people go “why?”, it doesn’t taste bad. It just tastes overwhelmingly sweet. Okay, I guess that IS kinda bad. Then again, the cereal itself is one of the most sugar loaded ones I’ve eaten so it’s not the best gauge for a cereal and juice pairing. I’d imagine a less sugary cereal with a less processed form of orange juice (perhaps juice one on your own) would possibly make it more palatable.

Verdict: I see how some might like it, but not me

White Bread + Kaya Spread + Pickled Onions

This combination was actually the one I was most and least looking forward to. Contradicting, I know. I walked into the supermarket not thinking I’d be picking out this combination to try. It’s exciting and yet seemed like a really bad idea at the same time. Guess what? It’s a freaking HIT! Literally the eptiome of a sweet and tangy flavour burst. There were soft, creamy and crunchy textures as well. Sure, it looked “diarrhea inducing” and I probably shouldn’t speak too soon since the day’s not over… but it was delicious! YOU GOTTA TRY IT.


Total damage: SGD$33.55 (physical health ok)

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