Weird Food Combinations Vol. 2

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Disclaimer: Try at your own risk, projectile vomiting always a possibility.

Welcome to our newest weekly series where we buy food items available at our local (Singapore) supermarkets and pair them up in a way that’s not typically done. A roulette of flavours, time to judge the hits and misses.

Rating Scale


Would have it again

I see how some might like it, but not me

Yeah, nah

It’s a hard pass

Honey Citron Tea + Grass Jelly Drink

Perhaps because the canned grass jelly drink is a “less sweet” version, it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet when mixed with the honey citron tea. Along with the grass jelly bits, it’s like your very own “bubble tea” concoction. A dessert drink, worth a try.

Verdict: Would have it again

Caramelised Biscuit + Seafood Mayonnaise Spread

I had high hopes for this one thinking the flavour profiles would be rather similar to the previous hazelnut wafer and otah tuna spread pairing but I’m sadly mistaken. One bite in and I already wanted to spit it out. The caramel notes clashed big time with the salty seafood spread. Best enjoyed separately.

Verdict: It’s a hard pass

Preserved Lemon Slices + Fruity Jelly

The preserved lemon was actually more sour that I thought it would be. While it does contrast the intense sweetness from the artificially flavoured jelly, it doesn’t do so in a good way. Then again, I think the biggest reason why this pairing “failed” was because of the jelly. It’d probably taste a whole lot better if it was just preserved lemon jelly.

Verdict: It’s a hard pass

Sweet Soy Sauce Rice Cracker + Durian Mochi

I’m a huge fan of durian, so I was really excited to try this. The durian mochi is sweet and chewy whereas the rice cracker was savoury and crispy. The contrast in textures was interesting but that’s about it. It tasted rather pleasant at first bite but once the soy sauce flavour kicked in, it ruined it. I guess I’ll stick to eating durian on its own.

Verdict: Yeah, nah

Spicy Pork Floss + Dried Seaweed + Chocolate Bar

Only one way to describe this – absolutely delicious! I know it looks like it wouldn’t make sense to put them all together but WOW. It actually made perfect sense. The KitKat chocolate wafer bar was sweet and crunchy, the pork floss was light and fluffy with a hint of spiciness, and the dried seaweed was crispy and salty. Everything came together unexpectedly well. I’d say this pairing would be a hit with people who enjoy chicken and waffles.


Total damage: S$33.30 (physical health ok)

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