5 Answers: What’s the Best Thing that Happened to You in 2021?

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‘5 Answers’ is a simple, no-frills written series where we ask five people one same question and share them with you, the readers. A quick read aimed to spark conversations and share perspectives.

I asked 5 Millennials this question, “What is the best thing that happened to you in 2021?”

“I left a toxic work environment late last year and started my new job this year. While it may be scary leaving a job without having the next one lined up, that decision to leave was the best I made last year and the decision to take on this new job was the best thing that happened this year. I’m much happier now and at the end of the day, that’s what’s important.” – Karl

“The best thing that happened this year, is for me to rediscover the girl I liked since 2016. I didn’t think that we would meet again in this lifetime but somehow life did its magic, we crossed paths once more and nothing felt more right. I’m truly thankful.” – Amos Alexander

“Since I stared my production company, we would get low paying gigs here and there. But this year, things have been moving along well. A client recently signed a 3 month retainer with us. By the looks of it it seems like they are really happy with our work and that brings lots of joy and pride. I’m so excited for the future and looking forward to excelling at any opportunity.” – Norman

“Snickers! He’s the best thing that happened this year for sure. Actually, he’s the best thing that happened to me in the longest time. He’s a fluffy toy poodle, my first ever pet. He’s been the perfect companion, just looking at him can instantly uplift my mood. I feel like such a ‘mummy’ these days but I’m enjoying every bit of it.” – Zhen

“The birth of my niece in February. She’s such a bundle of joy, I am so blessed to be her aunt. Can’t wait to watch her grow up!” – Lesley

What about you? What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2021?

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