3 Last Minute Christmas Gift Prank Ideas

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It’s Christmas time, the season of gifting and spending lots of money. This year, instead of burning too big of a hole in your pocket, share with someone the invaluable gift of laughter – they may not be the one laughing but at least you will be.

Gift wrap their favourite vegetable/fruit

Honestly this one works best with the younger crowd, their reactions tend to be a whole lot funnier. Like these adorable ones:

Re-gift them things that are theirs

For those who buy lots of stuff and don’t even use them, they may not even be able to tell until you let them know it’s actually theirs. Others just take a few seconds to register what’s going on – either way a successful prank.

Insane amount of wrapping

I’d do this with a KitKat. They’re gonna wanna “have a break” after all that unwrapping.


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♬ Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

Special mention

You’re not going to get this shipped in time for this year’s Christmas in Singapore but it’s a brilliant gift prank idea that can be used on other occasions. smellmythongs.com is where you can order gift packages that look like well… like the person you’re pranking ordered thongs. There is the option of boxers too (even inmate panties). There’s no actual worn thongs included (obviously) but it sure looks the part and you can include a personalised message inside the package. Check out the creator packing an order here:

Click here to visit his website for gift prank orders!

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