5 Answers: What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2022?

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‘5 Answers’ is a simple, no-frills written series where we ask five people one same question and share them with you, the readers. A quick read aimed to spark conversations and share perspectives.

I asked 5 people who recently changed jobs or are actively looking to change jobs during the pandemic this question,”What’s your new year’s resolution for 2022?”

“My new year’s resolution for 2022 is to keep my body in a healthier state physically and mentally. To have a more balanced diet and exercise regularly, achieving greater milestones in my new job and to also spend more time with my family and friends.” – Cass

“My new year’s resolution is to learn to take a break when i should. The past few years I’ve just been working quite hard and it wasn’t until some people pointed out recently that they don’t see me enough anymore that I came to that realisation. Work has really affected my social life (probably why I’m still single) and the mental exhaustion has taken its toll on me too as I find myself easily irritated at the smallest stuff. So yes, I will take a break. Meet up with old friends to catch up. Maybe travel for a bit when it is covid-safer in the world.” – Tai, Ed

“I’m finding courage this year to be brave. I’ve allowed a lot of uncertainties hold me back for the longest time and frankly, I’m so done with feeling this way. It’s scary but I want to embark on a new path and try new things in 2022. I’m sick of feeling tired, drained and just living for the weekends. I’m learning to prioritize my happiness, it’s a process but I’ll get there. This year, I know I will.” – Vans

“I’m not a fan of making new year’s resolutions because man… I can’t think of one time I achieved what I set out to do for the year. I guess that’s more reflective of me as a person rather than the resolutions. So realistically, my resolution for 2022 is to not set unrealistic expectations for myself. I’m just going to ride with the tides and see where they bring me. Gotta bring my floaties.” – Justin

“Perhaps get out of the house more ’cause I’m home watching Netflix way too much during any free time that I have. I kinda want to go out and exercise more, you know, lead a healthier lifestyle sort of thing. It’s just easier said than done. It’s so easy to plop onto the bed, switch on the TV and munch away on a bag of chips. I know working out is for my own good but that instant gratification is so hard to stay away from.” – Ren Jie

What about you? What’s your new year’s resolution?

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