5 Answers: Would you rather a job that offers stability or a job that you’re passionate about?

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‘5 Answers’ is a simple, no-frills written series where we ask five people one same question and share them with you, the readers. A quick read aimed to spark conversations and share perspectives.

I asked 5 working adults in their late twenties this question, ”Would you rather a job that offers stability or a job that you’re passionate about?”

“This is a tough one. It’s actually something I’ve been thinking about. Of course many of us hope to find a job that we love that pays well but if it’s one or the other… I’ll go with having a job that offers me stability. I know it’s such a boring answer but without something like that, it’s hard for me to save up consistently to get a house and start a family. I’ll still do things that I’m passionate about, just not as my job – not for now.” – Yan

“Without a doubt a job that I’m passionate about. It might just be in my nature to say something like that but for me, it’s an easy answer. I believe that if somebody’s passionate about the job they’re doing, the money will come eventually. If you’re dedicated, put in the hours to hone your craft, hustle, you’ll get there. It’ll take time but at the end of the day, the satisfaction you derive from it can’t be bought by money. Think about all the time you’ll spend working in your lifetime, isn’t it much more meaningful and fulfilling to do something you love?” – Jia Qi

“I’d say it depends. If you asked me this in 2019, I’d swing more towards a job I’m passionate about. But these last couple of years have shown me just how miserable I can feel when my job’s taken away from me. I sing at bars and when Covid hit, my job went ‘poof’. I struggled with not having any income for many months and it took a toll on me in more ways than one. I still sang by myself at home as it helped me cope with the stress. However, it didn’t change the fact I had to find a different job to basically feed myself and pay the bills. I’ve been in my current job for slightly over a year now and it’s been good. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about it but it’s alright. My passion hasn’t changed, I just don’t do it for money anymore.” – Carine

“I’m lucky enough to hold a job that ticks both boxes but if I didn’t, I think I’d go with a stable job. Although I’m single at the moment, my parents are both dealing with diabetes and high cholesterol. They tend to fall ill more frequently in recent years and it does cost quite a bit. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that’s why having a stable job is more important because I’m not just looking after myself but also the most important people in my life.” – Jack

“You know, it actually happened to me before and I chose the higher paying, more stable job over the one I was passionate in. It didn’t work out well for me because I found myself feeling so unmotivated to work, it became so tedious, such a drag. I was always only living for the weekends but even then the thought of going back to work on Mondays always made Sunday nights so… heavy. Weekends always went by in a flash, it was never enough and I barely ever felt well rested. I lasted almost 2 years at that job before I called it quits. And guess what? I’m back doing what I’m passionate about. Things aren’t easier and the pay cut was difficult for me but I can say that I’m happier now, more fulfilled. I no longer live for the weekends, I feel more recharged and I’m striving harder to achieve the best of both worlds. It’s a goal I’m happy to wake up to.” – Wesley

What about you? Would you rather a job that offers stability or a job that you’re passionate about?

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