Weird Food Combinations Vol. 3

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Disclaimer: Try at your own risk, projectile vomiting always a possibility.

Welcome to our newest weekly series where we buy food items available at our local (Singapore) supermarkets and pair them up in a way that’s not typically done. A roulette of flavours, time to judge the hits and misses.

Rating Scale


Would have it again

I see how some might like it, but not me

Yeah, nah

It’s a hard pass

Banana + Mamee Noodle Snack

I thought this would be a fun play on opposite textures, it kind of was. I liked how when I bit into it, the mushiness of the banana coated the crunchy noodle bits and it didn’t poke at my palate. But the flavours did not gel well together, one’s overly sweet and the other’s just salty.

Verdict: Yeah, nah

Milk + Coca-Cola

This drink combination caused quite a stir on social media a few years back when a man claimed it’s apparently a drink that they have in Birmingham. I’ve decided to try it before I judged it too harshly just by the sound of it. In the end, you know what it tasted like? A mistake. Yeah, we’ll leave it at that.

Verdict: It’s a hard pass

Muffins + Chilli Cuttlefish

I thought the red really popped on the yellow muffin, it actually didn’t look half bad. Surprisingly, it tasted even better than it looked. The muffin itself was sugary and quite moist on the inside. The chilli cuttlefish gave it that bite it was missing, it’s a little rubbery and had a really strong “seafood” smell. There’s also a slight hint of a spicy taste right at the very end. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does.

Verdict: Would have it again

Salsa + Golden Kiwi

Visually, it looked almost as unappetizing as the Milk Coke. Texture wise, it was rather watery and perhaps a little slimy (the parts where the salsa ‘juices’ got mixed in with the kiwi juices). I think you have an idea where this is going. Although I had them together, they tasted so distinctly separate. There was no one point where the flavours kind of “met”. That being said, separately I did enjoy the zesty salsa and the extremely sweet (close to a honey-like taste) golden kiwi.

Verdict: Yeah, nah

Plain Yogurt + Cheese Rings

I usually avoid plain yogurt as I’m not particularly keen on the type of sour taste it has. This however, is a game changer. Dipping the cheese ring in the cold, sour and thick yogurt was a delicious pairing. You’ve got to be mindful not to let the cheese rings soak in the yogurt cup as it’ll make it soggy (not as nice). Just take the cold yogurt right out from the fridge, dip the cheese rings in one at a time and munch away.


Total damage: S$29.75 (physical health ok)

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